Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Big Game

Here are Adam and Abigail at the Texas v. Baylor Game last Saturday! We had a really great time. At first we were a little worried that the game was going to be boring when Texas took a commanding lead in the first few minutes. But the game was actually quite exciting. Baylor even took the lead for a short time.

We splurged big time, buying food and drinks and really "doing it up right"

Even with LOTS of sunscreen Stephanie still managed to put a little red on her chin, but fortunately it was nowhere near as bad as last time.

Final Score: 45 - 21

Humongous thanks to "Gramps" for the tickets!!! It was a wonderful time.

We also got to visit again with our Mennonite friends in Austin after the game which was also a restoring blessing. Daniel and I took the small kids to the park where we could watch them and talk, while the women and big kids had Bible class.