Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Day at the Park with Daddy

Abigail, Adam, and Timothy Will Catch Those Rustlers

Three little swingers

Can Abigail kick the clouds?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Timmy misses his cousins

So, the other night, Timmy was up in the middle of the night. He had a hard time going back to sleep, so I went ahead and got up with him for a bit. While I'm in the bathroom, I hear a completely silent house.... then...
I am Timmy Michaew Fwach (He decided to skip the l's)
Oo aw Hawmomy Michaew Fwach
Oo aw Ian Michaew Fwach
{surprised voice}: Oh! ooooo aw Whitney! Michaew Fwach
{a pause}
Where is Cwaire???? Cwaire is missing!!!
{sad voice}: Poow Cwaire.
Dere's Hawmomy an Ian an Whitney!
I am Timmy Michaew Fwach....

I was laughing so hard, I couldn't come out of the bathroom for a few minutes. We spent a couple minutes trying to find Claire's picture, but we couldn't. We found it this morning near our bed, and got to laugh again at the missing Claire, and thought we'd share it with y'all! :)

Timmy often asks to go to Harmomy's house, and Whitney's and Claire's house. It just seems to wilt him when we have to say "no" or it will be a really long time before we see Harmony again, but we still get to see her pictures while she's gone. The pictures really help him :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Timmy (at last)

Here's a shot of Timmy with his Daddy getting ready to watch the aforementioned show.


The kids (all 3 but Timmy isn't pictured cause he was asleep on the picture-taker's shoulder at the time) really enjoyed watching their Grandpa in the CVC Music Theater performance of Suessical.

Afterwards, they had a good time playing tag in the courtyard with several of the other children who had been to see the play.

The Big Game

Here are Adam and Abigail at the Texas v. Baylor Game last Saturday! We had a really great time. At first we were a little worried that the game was going to be boring when Texas took a commanding lead in the first few minutes. But the game was actually quite exciting. Baylor even took the lead for a short time.

We splurged big time, buying food and drinks and really "doing it up right"

Even with LOTS of sunscreen Stephanie still managed to put a little red on her chin, but fortunately it was nowhere near as bad as last time.

Final Score: 45 - 21

Humongous thanks to "Gramps" for the tickets!!! It was a wonderful time.

We also got to visit again with our Mennonite friends in Austin after the game which was also a restoring blessing. Daniel and I took the small kids to the park where we could watch them and talk, while the women and big kids had Bible class.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hook 'em Horns Day

On Thursday, Timothy could be heard to say "Ony 2 more days to Hook 'em Horns day."

That's right folks, our yearly visit to the State Fair of Texas has officially become "Hook 'em Horns Day" with all of our children.

This year was especially 'Hook 'em Horns' for Stephanie and Myself as we got to go to the game with Ed and Angela. And what an exciting game it was. Number 5 Texas was up against Number 1 Oklahoma, and came from behind to win big in the fourth quarter. We had a blast, while the children browsed the fair with Aunt Kristy and Nana.

Here are a few pictures from the fair:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dramatic Reading

Check out Abigail and Adam as "The Birds" in a dramatic reading of the Scarecrow of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Or download the entire book here

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Like Father like daughter: Abigail is pretty good at handstands.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Return from Houston (old school)

Timothy thought he'd ride home from Houston in an old fashioned flatboard buggy. Unfortunately, with no horses and a railed in porch barrier, he was forced to come home with us in the car instead (He was not happy about that, but that might just have been the hours he had already spent in the car).

By the way, if you ever stop at this steakhouse in a repurposed ranchhouse with a buggy on the porch, enjoy the pictures but don't bother staying for the food... awful.
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Chillin' with a Villain

While visiting the capital of our Great State of Texas, Adam took a rest on the steps of a monument to a civil war general (Ugh!).

We had a lot of fun touring the capitol building and allowing Abigail to read all the signs.

Then afterwards the kids had a lot of fun rolling down the grassy slope in front of the building (Daddy rolled down too, but didn't have as much fun).
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Abigail and Mommy wear matching tie-dye do-rags for 70's & 80's themed birthday party for Abigail's aunt Kristy. Their shirts are also do-it-yourself tie-dye.

Aunt Angela is helping to prepare for the party!
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Family Reunion

  We put on a backyard circus ("Like they used to do in the days before TV") at Stephanie's family reunion (August 2nd). Here are Abigail and Adam as a clown and elephant at our "Old Time" photo stand. The family circus was a big hit but a lot of work for Stephanie and I. Unfortunately, that meant that Stephanie got almost no time to visit with her family; fortunately, we stayed over the weekend because I had a sales demo in Oklahoma City to do that Tuesday and since we were staying with her Aunt Margret she was able to finally get some good visiting in.
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I have so enjoyed getting the updates from David and Ashley that I figured I should do the same. Who knows whether I will keep it up better than I have any of my half-dozen other blogs.