Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Like Father like daughter: Abigail is pretty good at handstands.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Return from Houston (old school)

Timothy thought he'd ride home from Houston in an old fashioned flatboard buggy. Unfortunately, with no horses and a railed in porch barrier, he was forced to come home with us in the car instead (He was not happy about that, but that might just have been the hours he had already spent in the car).

By the way, if you ever stop at this steakhouse in a repurposed ranchhouse with a buggy on the porch, enjoy the pictures but don't bother staying for the food... awful.
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Chillin' with a Villain

While visiting the capital of our Great State of Texas, Adam took a rest on the steps of a monument to a civil war general (Ugh!).

We had a lot of fun touring the capitol building and allowing Abigail to read all the signs.

Then afterwards the kids had a lot of fun rolling down the grassy slope in front of the building (Daddy rolled down too, but didn't have as much fun).
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Abigail and Mommy wear matching tie-dye do-rags for 70's & 80's themed birthday party for Abigail's aunt Kristy. Their shirts are also do-it-yourself tie-dye.

Aunt Angela is helping to prepare for the party!
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Family Reunion

  We put on a backyard circus ("Like they used to do in the days before TV") at Stephanie's family reunion (August 2nd). Here are Abigail and Adam as a clown and elephant at our "Old Time" photo stand. The family circus was a big hit but a lot of work for Stephanie and I. Unfortunately, that meant that Stephanie got almost no time to visit with her family; fortunately, we stayed over the weekend because I had a sales demo in Oklahoma City to do that Tuesday and since we were staying with her Aunt Margret she was able to finally get some good visiting in.
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I have so enjoyed getting the updates from David and Ashley that I figured I should do the same. Who knows whether I will keep it up better than I have any of my half-dozen other blogs.